I recently got introduced to Bumpers, a podcasting app that allows me to quickly create and share miniature podcasts on the fly with easy editing tools at my disposal. I quickly started up a series on Bumpers titled Bump and Run, which is designed to serve as a way to share some quick college football commentary in audio form without having to go through the typical podcasting routine I had grown accustomed to. I am loving it and have come to really respect the Bumpers team with the help they have offered every time I have a question.

The Bump and Run is designed as a spinoff of my college football podcast on No 2-Minute Warning (which will be kicking up again soon) and for the last month was only available through the fantastic (and free) Bumpers app and Bumpers website. But as the calendar flips to June, I am pleased to announce the Bump And Run bumpcast is now available on multiple platforms to a wider potential audience. You can now subscribe to the Bump And Run Bumpcast on iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher in addition to the Bumpers app.

Bump And Run on Bumpers

Download the Bumpers app and begin listening to the Bump And Run and other brief podcasts from a growing list of content providers covering sports, news, politics, pop culture and more. You can also listen in your browser through this link. You can also sign up and subscribe to your favorite series through the website. This is where it all begins, and you will be able to hear my series here first before anywhere else.

Bump And Run on iTunes

Head on over to the Bump and Run listing on the iTunes website, and use the link there to load up the series in your iTunes software so you can subscribe, rate and review! I’m not sure how long it takes for new episodes to refresh in iTunes, but the feed is up and running. I typically try to upload new bumpcasts in the morning, but they may not show up in iTunes until the afternoon. Rest assured, it will be there for you as soon as iTunes can get to it!

Bump and Run on Google Play

I admit I’m not as familiar with the Google Play service as I am with iTunes (Apple guy, guilty as charged), so excuse me if I lead you in the wrong direction. However, you should be able to use this link to the Bump and Run’s Google Play page and subscribe and share from there.

Bump and Run on Stitcher

If you happen to use Stitcher for your podcast listening enjoyment, I have you covered there as well. Use this link to access the Bump and Run page on Stitcher, where you can leave a (five-star?) rating and subscribe to the series. Stitcher is pretty handy, and I hope you will slide the Bump and Run into your Stitcher subscriptions.


If you have any questions about the Bump and Run bumpcast, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at any time. I will try to get back to you as quickly as I can. I also appreciate your feedback on any and all of these outlets, as it does help to grow the series moving forward. Finally, I have to thank the staff at Bumpers once again for putting out a quality product, and to Scott Dunn at Bumpers for all of the personal one-on-one assistance he has given me since I got involved. Also, be sure to check out the Freezing Cold Take Reports from Fred Segal. Fred, better known on Twitter as @OldTakesExposed, introduced me to Bumpers and has been supportive of my series in its early stages.

Finally, if you have any other suggestions for other outlets you would like to access the Bump and Run, please let me know. I am always open to new ideas and options!


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