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Starting Seven: The NHL postseason is awesome

Some random thoughts as I start my morning with a cup of coffee made at home, and not free from Wawa.

2014 NHL Stanley Cup bracket

1. The NHL has the best postseason and the best postseason overtime

The NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs dropped the first pucks of the postseason last night, reminding many just how perfect the NHL’s postseason is. All three games last night were decided by one goal. No other sport in North America has a postseason like the NHL, and no sport can rival the overtime seen in postseason hockey. It is simply the best. Montreal won the first overtime game of the postseason last night in Tampa to pick up the road win and a quick 1-0 series lead. How funny would it be for Canada’s only postseason NHL team to be eliminated by a team from Tampa though?

Oh, and Hockey Night in Canada knows how to get it all started.

2. Flyers face off with Rangers

As noted yesterday, the Flyers have not won a game in Madison Square Garden since February 20, 1011. They will have to do better than that in order to get to the second round, because the New York Rangers have the home ice advantage in round one. I think the Flyer can pick up a win in the Garden somewhere along the line, but opening the playoffs with a back-up goalie could go two ways in polar opposite directions and this concerns me. My gut tells me Rangers in seven.

3. Bad Luck Cliff

Phillies opening day starter Cliff Lee tossed a complete game and struck out 13 Atlanta Braves while allowing one run, a Citizens Bank Park special off the bat of Evan Gattis in the top of the fourth inning. It was not enough for a win as the Phillies were silenced by the pitching of Julio Teheran. Chase Utley’s season-opening hitting streak was snapped in the process as the Phillies drop to 6-8.

4. Study suggests football players need more time off between seasons to recover from head impacts

Here is something I will likely be touching more on over on College Football Talk today. Forget about the doing away of spring football games. There is a new study suggesting players need more time off from training and practicing to properly recover from head impacts suffered during the season.

5. Nerdy Easter Eggs

Storm Trooper Eggs. Photo: @WayneCrane on Instagram

It has been years since I dyed eggs for Easter, but the Easter Beagle about to make his rounds I enjoyed checking out some of these designs I would love to have thought of back in my day. I must say though, my egg-dying skills lacked a certain patience and care so they generally came out looking sloppy and dirty.

6. How to make 350 million Cadburry Eggs

Christmas has candy canes, Easter has Cadburry Cream Eggs. Just how does Cadbury make 350 million goo-filled eggs for our enjoyment? For starters, it involves one ton of chocolate every day.

7. If Dumb & Dumber can have a sequel, why not Mrs. Doubtfire?

I really enjoyed the movie Mrs. Doubtfire and thinks it holds up pretty well today. That said, what could be the plot for a sequel given the way the movie wraps up everything quite well? We could be finding out with word breaking a script is in the works. We have seen this before over the pst decade, so who knows if this will actually pan out. Fortunately, or unfortunately, we are in an age where sequels to hits from the 1990s is becoming a thing. I’m still (cautiously) waiting for somebody to revisit the Back to the Future franchise, or at least the original.


Kevinstagram: Happy anniversary Wawa! Thanks for the free coffee


Free coffee? Don’t mind if I do!


Wawa is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

In honor of the occasion, every Wawa location is offering free coffee to customers. I already had my morning coffee this morning but since I happened to be out and passing a Wawa on my way home, I took advantage of the offer.

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Starting Seven: New X-Men trailer and a new moon

As I return to personal blogging, I want to attempt to start most days, not all, with some quick links and thoughts on some topics I do not generally get to do much with. Because I am so consumed with college football (not complaining, by the way), I find myself with less time to comment on some other personal interests and news items. So the Starting Seven (why seven? It’s my favorite number) will allow me to branch out a little more with some brief thoughts.

X-Men Days of Future Past

1. Final trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past

I have a feeling we are living in a great time for superhero movies. The technology available to make some of the scenes only able to be captured in the comics for years is up to speed enough to make many of the battles and devastation realistic enough, a funny phrase considering the fiction of it all. This summer we get the latest chapter in the most recent attempt to retell the story of Spider-Man, of which I am looking forward to giving a chance. We also get a brand new X-Men movie that will begin to tie together the original trilogy with the origins series of films, and who better than Hugh Jackman to lead us over tat bridge. I enjoyed the original trilogy and was satisfied with the X-Men: First Class prequel in 2011, so I am interested to see how this plays out. With Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Lawrence along with Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, and Halle Berry, we have a true blockbuster coming in May.

2. New Moon rising

Forget about the lunar eclipse and the blood moon. Saturn is giving birth to a brand new moon, a truly rare event. Experts believe this is so rare because Saturn may never birth a new moon again. Scientists say the new moon, named Peggy, is about half a mile in diameter, which is of course incredible small. Science is cool.

3. Rain gives fans night off from Phillies baseball

The way the last game played out for the Phillies, perhaps Mother Nature did fans a favor in allowing more time to cope with a brutal loss to the Atlanta Braves. The Phillies were rained out last night, so that means Cliff Lee will have to dominate the Braves tonight instead. The Phillies bullpen has had a rough start to the year, but I am still willing to give some of the young pitchers a chance to grow into their roles and hope that it pays off in the long run.

4. Can Flyers win in Madison Square Garden?

The Philadelphia Flyers will open the Stanley Cup Playoffs against the New York Rangers, which means it is beyond time to find a way to win in the Garden. Sarah Baicker of CSN Philly says the Flyers have not won in MSG since February 20, 2011, which is quite a long time. With the Rangers having home-ice advantage in the first round match-up, being able to steal a game in the Garden is a necessity. No better time to break the streak than right now. I’ll have a series prediction to share tomorrow.

5. West Chester wants to play by different rules in PSAC

I will try not to dive too much in to college football in this space but I felt this story by Mike Jensen on was interesting. West Chester University sports coaches are pushing for legislation that would allow the university to breakaway from the Pennsylvania state system of higher education, which would lead to the school being able to make decisions regarding athletics without necessarily having to play by the state system rules. Translation: More money for athletics facilities and scholarships. I think West Chester has what it takes to compete at a higher level than the majority of the PSAC, so this would be interesting to see unfold. If successful, I would guess IUP would not be far behind.

6. Six video games that destroy New York City

If you think the total destruction of New York City is reserved for movies, think again. The Big Apple has had more than a bite taken out of it in the video game universe as well. I personally have not played any of these titles, but I think Rampage deserves more respect.

7. What is it that makes the original Legend of Zelda a classic?

Roughly 15 minutes on the history of The Legend of Zelda, including a look at the gaming history leading up to the release of the now classic title. Confession time: I never beat either of the original NES Zelda titles.